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A Seller AgentA Sellers Agent is for Homeowners looking to keep a lot more of their equity when selling. We are a Network of top Realtors offering “Full Service for Less” Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling Solutions. We are committed to helping you get your property sold for your price and within your time frame.

Visit our Networks at BestHomeSearch.com and/or TheRealEstateSavingsCenter.com.

  • Most of the Realtors in the nationwide network are Owners and Brokers of their own Independent  “boutique” real estate companies. They know how to keep their overhead low and they do not have to pay any big franchise fees. As our Network members they also do not have to pay us a Referral Fee. This can all mean substantial savings to Home Sellers.

  • Our Brokers and Agents are offering the newer, more flexible, and cost-effective real estate business models. These business models have been evolving in the Real Estate Industry since the introduction of the Internet.

  • In a survey of more than 14,000 home sellers, most indicated paying less for services today won’t hurt the quality of service they receive. Our sister page for A Buyers Agent is also part of the HomeAndRealEstate.com site.

A Sellers Agent: Categories of Realtor Services

    • Full Service for Less Realtors® – The Real Estate Brokers associated with A Buyers Agent utilize cost-effective business model to provide better Value. These Brokers can sell homes just as fast and for just as much as Traditional Realtors. However home sellers can keep a lot more of your equity at closing.  READ MORE 

    • Fee-For-Service Realtors® – Some Seller Agents are also Real Estate Consultants and offer an “a la carte menu” of services and fees. Sellers can then choose the Services they want for the fee they are willing to pay.  Some Seller Agents may also offer a basic FSBO-MLS Listing option. Each Broker sets their own Home Selling Solutions with Savings.  READ MORE

    • Traditional Realtors® – The Internet has changed the “Traditional” Real Estate Business Model that lasted for more than 100-years. New Real Estate Business Models continue to give real estate Consumers what they want. READ MORE

MLS Listing SavingsA quote from Julie Garton-Good’s 2001 book, “Real Estate a la Carte”, still holds true today: “Cutting-edge real estate professionals are using technology and new approaches like a “Menu of Service and Fees” and/or the “One-Stop Real Estate Shop” concept to meet pent-up consumer demand for smarter, faster, and less expensive ways to buy or sell a house or other real estate. The fact is that the Internet can save real estate professionals a lot of time and money, so more of these professionals are passing on some of that savings on to the consumer.”Jay Rogers, Real Estate Broker &  Marketing Consultant.

A Seller’s Agent and The Real Estate Savings Center have hatched a Smarter Way home sellers to get their homes sold and keep more of their equity at closing.  Home Sellers can choose from different types of Seller Agents at online The Home Search & Savings Center Landing Pages now available throughout the United States.

If you are already working with another real estate professional please stay with them, as any MLS Listing Savings offers you might find on ASellersAgent.com are not meant as a solicitation to get you to change agents or companies. The Realtors associated with ASellersAgent.com and TheRealEstateSolutionsCenter.com, and/orBestHomeSearch.com fully cooperate with other Realtors. This makes it easier to provide you with the services you need to get your home sold and ensure you keep more of your equity at closing.

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