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Here are some of the Websites used by HomeandRealEstate.com to refer Real Estate Consumers to you as a Network Member: 

ABUYERSAGENT.com – Accredited, Certified, and/or Exclusive Buyer Representation:

If a so-called “Buyers Agent” tells you there services are free, that is not a fact. Importantly, the price you pay for the property you buy normally includes a built in commission fees for both the Buyer’s Agent and the Seller’s Agent. However, it can be said there is no additional cost to have a Buyers Agent or Buyer’s Broker working as your Advocate. READ MORE

ASELLERSAGENT.com – Keep More of Your Equity with “Full Service for Less”:

The Real Estate Realtors at Home and Real Estate include Certified Residential Specialists, ePRO Real Estate Professionals, and Graduates of REALTOR® Institute. You will find some of the newer Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling Solutions. Today’s technologies are used to help you get your property sold for the best possible result within your time frame. READ MORE

BESTHOMESEARCH.com – The Homes, The Services, and The Savings You Seek:

BestHomeSearch.com recently joined The Real Estate Savings Center Network. Together they offer Real Estate Buyers and Sellers a number of time and money saving options. You will find our Network features Local, National, and International home search results. Plus you can locate some of the most professional, cost-effective Realtors and Real Estate Service Providers available. READ MORE

BESTHOUSEBUILDERS.com – Featuring More Than 12,000 US New Home Communities:

You will find BestHouseBuilders.com leads you to the NewHomeSource.com.  It is also an integral part of The Real Estate Savings Center Network. Our consumer-focused Network features the professional database of New Home Source that showcases more than 12,000 New Home Communities in the USA. READ MORE

BESTMORTGAGELOANS.com – Did you know most Mortgage Lenders use the same daily Mortgage Rates? You can find them on BankRate.com and other websites. The biggest difference in pricing for you is typically the Annual Percentage Rate charged. The APR includes other charges or fees such as Loan Origination Fee, Discount Points, and other buyer closing costs.  It is smart to compare the Annual Percentage Rate being offered by a number of lenders to locate best overall deal. READ MORE 

THERESC.com – Short for TheRealEstateSavingsCenter.com: VISIT IT TODAY

This Real Estate Portal combines and presents details from the websites above and more. Having the benefits of all together in one place can help Real Estate Consumers Save Time, Effort, and Money. As a visitor to TheRESC.com, you will find Home Search and Savings Centers are now opening in more than 110 US Major Metro areas.